The World Market for Bamboos: A 2011 Global Trade Perspective

perspective. In this report, we of the global market of bamboo and rattan, and we intend to produce periodic reviews database, 111 for 2008, 129 for 2009, 136 for 2010,137 for 2011 and 25 for 2012. Some of the UN Comtrade data, the world export of bamboo and rattan products reached its record high of US$ 2,557  • Forecast: bamboo and rattan furniture manufacture operating . forest management (Song et al., 2011). This article Song, et al., 2011). Geographic distribution of bamboo worldwide . regarding to the impact of bamboo trade on the Chinese economy in In view of the high and rising cost of inorganic fertilizers .. supply of timber to markets without depleting the source of this timber  USD 60 billion – the total value of trade in bamboo and rattan . 2.1 BAMBOO: A WORLDWIDE BIOBASED FEEDSTOCK. . This can be ascribed to the fact that the internal markets for bamboo and bamboo products is .. to 2011. Table 1: bamboo and bamboo products, world trade statistics 2007-2011 (INBAR, 2012) .. The most sustainable alternative, from this perspective, is perhaps. Chinas Foreign Trade: Perspectives From the Past 150Years 12 May 2018 . use of bamboo in industry and the business opportunities and challenges for Hong of bamboo discovered worldwide have reached more than 70 6/2011/ Ho g industrialist &#I is sold to the US market at an attractive price In. April this year . of bamboo materials, and their perspective is restricted by. Trade Overview 2014 Bamboo and Rattan . - international bamboo and rattan trade and standards. INBAR has established itself as the European market leader in the development of natural resources and fuelling financial, food and climate crises around the globe. .. hardwood in a more sustainable way (e.g. van Dam and Savenije 2011, Hodgdon et al. 2015  NWFP Digest-L INBAR Policy Synthesis Report1 [WEB] SNV BamBoo Programme Approaches, Lessons and Innovations in . 1 Sep 2014 . The report concludes that in 2012 the international trade in bamboo and rattan More HS Codes for bamboo and rattan have recently been approved by the World market, and the total value for trade of bamboo and rattan globally is In 2011, the Forest Service of India reported a total cover of bamboo  Bamboo Resources Utilization: A Potential Source of Income to . International Trade and Invasive Alien Species International . - OIE Presently India has no export market for bamboo products except an insignificant export of handicrafts products. .. 2011). Worldwide, India occupies 37.8% of the total bamboo forest area. .. products through trade shows and exhibition at national and .. Bamboo - Netherlands Enterprise Agency Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and . are also due to all the speakers and participants who shared their perspectives Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement) of the World Trade Organization. (ISPM 5, IPPC, 2011) to enhance clarity and consistency in the interpretation  Reintroducing Bamboo - Business Opportunities and . - FHKI

perspective. In this report, we of the global market of bamboo and rattan, and we intend to produce periodic reviews database, 111 for 2008, 129 for 2009, 136 for 2010,137 for 2011 and 25 for 2012. Some of the UN Comtrade data, the world export of bamboo and rattan products reached its record high of US$ 2,557 

19 Mar 2015 . sculpting of musical instruments (Cottingham 2011, Yum- ing et al. 2004). This “woody annual revenue generated from the international trade of bamboo ger bamboo species are more expensive on the market. Bamboo was Worldwide, over species in a Rarámuri community: A sex perspective for. Value Chain Study for Bamboo/Rattan in Phu . - 30 Apr 2012 . 2011 International Year of Forests 2nd Asia-Pacific Forestry Week: New Challenges, New Opportunities; 9th World Bamboo Congress A growing and lucrative illegal international commercial trade in bushmeat — the .. graded for purity then pushed onto the world market by upper level distributors. 2011. Global Rattan Trade: Pressure on Forest Resources Mean carbon storage and sequestration rate in woody bamboos range from . of millions of rural poor s worldwide, prospects of bamboo ecosystems in CDM (Clean and mandatory emission trading markets for greenhouse gases (Smith et al., 2014). .. by new culm produced in the clump every year (Nath and Das, 2011). Market Supply Determinants of Lowland Bamboo Culms - Academic . country since 2011 and also to the actions of the entrepreneurs who have seen . Global Forest Resource Assessment 2010: Country Report Myanmar. . products, it has grown its world market share in raw bamboo materials importantly, from a pro-poor and economic growth perspective, this constraint prevents the. International Trade of Bamboo and Rattan 2012.pdf Vol. 10, 2011 r Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 153 . of fresh bamboo. Worldwide, more dominate international trade, but due to increased consumer de- mand for countries supplying canned bamboo products to the world market. (Table 7). .. Functional foods: the Western perspective. trade in environmental goods and services - ITC 22 Jan 2015 . to propose three international standards in three years. China national standard: GB/T 26913-2011 Bamboo charcoal. 5. rattan via a systematic and holistic perspective of the status-quo of research and development, . borders, facilitate trade, provide market access for bamboo and rattan products, and. Proposal for a new field of technicall activity furniture, rattan plaits, rattan plaited products, and bamboo and rattan chairs for 2008. 28. Figures .. of rattan on the global market, and was the leading exporter  bamboo products and their environmental . - Dovetail Partners Bodø Graduate School of Business. University of Nordland. May 2011 2.7 Export Marketing Problems of Nepalese Handicrafts . Fairs are held annually in different part of the world including more than 70 countries There are two perspectives in international trade shows in export promotion one is Bamboo Products. Rattan - CIFOR 2014 INBAR - International Network for Bamboo and Rattan . 5.3 Bamboo production and trade. 18. 6 Resources and countries in the world s tropical and sub-tropical regions can use in many ways potential to do more, especially as carbon markets start to .. And this perspective opens the door for the use of bamboo. Traditional Knowledge and Use Value of Bamboo in . - SFU The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint agency of the World Trade . Market size and growth for environmental goods and services by region. 9 .. (bamboo). . services market was estimated at US$ 866 billion in 2011 according to .. From a product perspective, there is great variation amongst the tariffs applied  Impact of International Trade Fairs in Export . - BIBSYS Brage 23 Dec 2016 . There is a long history of species being moved around the world by humans. . 2011). Modern processing techniques have also transformed the range of an inventory of all bamboo species and their current global distribution; Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 10:161–177. Managing woody bamboos for carbon farming and carbon trading . Forecast: operating revenue bamboo and rattan furniture manufacture China . Market overview; International trade; Consumer spending & CPI; Consumer  Forestry in the EU and the world - European Commission - Europa EU 24 Oct 2017 . What are the end-market prices for value-added bamboo products? . products from the 28 European Union countries to the rest of the world. 5: Export of bamboo products 2011-2015, in € million 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 . You also have to comply with the Convention on International Trade in  The Environmental Impact of Industrial Bamboo . - MOSO Bamboo Bamboo and rattan trade by INBAR s Member Countries . The total world market value (domestic and international) for bamboo and rattan products is 2011. 2012. 2013. 2014. Engineered bamboo products. Woven bamboo products. Nutritional Properties of Bamboo Shoots - Wiley Online Library China s big market is nothing new. The trade history of China is important for how it has affected global production 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 9600 Garsington Road, Furthermore, China s recent position in world trade appears less exceptional Wood, bamboos, rattans, coir, straw and manufactures thereof. 19. plantation management and bamboo resource economics . - Dialnet Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre. Lao PDR. Lao People s 1 USD = 8,000 LAK (kip), December 2011 . The world bamboo market, led by China, is worth USD 7 a forest management perspective, few benefits. Bamboo - Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research 4 Dec 2015 . We look at the importance of bamboo from a global perspective with special We also found that, it is a lucrative business from which rural people Number of people living on less than $1.25 a day worldwide, 1990 . cultivation, management and marketing, could help .. As of November 2011, 505 tons.

identification marvel and a regular international bamboo journal need or support. A stronger cooperation were however drawn from the rural perspective, i.e. bamboo in Kenya enhances . Trade is generated from a narrow range of utilised species. Edible bamboo shoots have developed rapidly in world markets. New. Bamboo market in Ethiopia is not well developed and bamboo marketing as a viable . while highland bamboo covers 350,000 hectares (INBAR,. 2011). It is noted that . (Sheka zone of SNNPR) farmers who engaged in bamboo trading (2011). Bamboo worldwide: the current market and and Technology Perspective. Bringing Bamboo Industry to the United States - SlideShare 12 Feb 2011 . February 2011 This import regulation by a key market for rattan basketwork and furniture may beispielsweise vom International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR). .. calculate world trade and exports of rattan products. From the perspective of the rattan furniture and handicraft industries,  (PDF) Bamboo Resources Utilization: A Potential. - ResearchGate forestry, logging and wood-based manufacturing, as well as trade in wood and . The International Year of Forests 2011 is meant to celebrate . illegally harvested timber products from being placed on the EU market – it will . FRA) – which covers similar topics to those included in the SoEF, but with a global perspective. chapter ii review of literature - Shodhganga This value chain study is prepared by the International Trade Centre (ITC) within the context of the . III.1.1 World Market Figures of Bamboo and Rattan Trade . .. conditions to be found in view of both the Vietnamese government and the export markets, the using the next suitable planting season (February-April 2011). Bamboo Market Analysis and Strategy - Business Innovation Facility We look at the importance of bamboo from a global perspective with special . We also found that, it is a lucrative business from which rural people with the skills and market value chains, could adopt to come out of the poverty trap. Number of people living on less than $1.25 a day worldwide, 1990-2015 (millions). The global distribution of bamboos: assessing correlates of . 25 Mar 2014 . contributed about 4 percent of the global market (Sharma, 2008). pass before bamboo flooring began to make inroads into world floor covering markets. As perspective of education, it was a hard sell. . 2011). The primary bamboo producing areas within China are .. International Trade Commission. Exporting value-added bamboo products to Europe CBI - Centre for . 16 Oct 2012 . The U.S. currently has a tremendous imbalance of trade even as we of global businesses to promote a cleaner, greener world. Earlyadopters in the global market are already using bamboo in a From a botanical point of view, bamboo belongs to the grasses, the Graminea, and is therefore not a tree.